Photo Week #2
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Photo Week #2

I decided to signup for Blue Apron two weeks ago and this week I finally cooked! I haven’t cooked for myself in a while and it was convenient to not have to do the grocery shopping part of it. The directions definitely underestimated the time needed but the result was not bad!

The first recipe was a pasta bolognese and the second was catfish in a lemon and caper sauce with lentils.

My friend got her new puppy this past weekend so we drove to SFO and made a stop by Rockaway Beach on the way to eat Gorilla BBQ (review: not bad, but the meat definitely needs its bbq sauce). Unfortunately, the poor thing was so stressed and must have been traumatized on the plane since it had pooed in its carrier… and we had to smell it on our drive home, and clean it off her paws once we got back to the apartment! She was crying on the way home as well… it was sad – but once we got back she seemed to feel a lot better.

And she is so cute! And soft… like a giant, soft, teddy bear.