Photo Week #16
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Photo Week #16

Wow, how is it the last week of April already? The time has just been flying by. That is my excuse for posting this a day late, even though no one sets the rules except me, so who cares! I went home at the beginning of last week and had to sneakily go into my neighbor’s front driveway to take a photo of their pretty tree that made me happy, once again, that spring is here.

I also saw my little statues, Brownie and Fluffy (dinosaur and duck, respectively) on a time out and forced to stare into the mini terrariums.

This past weekend was a happy one – getting to spend time with some of my oldest friends to celebrate her last month as an unmarried woman. It’s crazy, thinking that just six months ago when we all went to San Diego together, none of us were engaged – but at our annual holiday party this year, two of us will be married. So weird – but again so grateful that we can all experience these new chapters of life together!

The main event of the trip was a hot air balloon ride! I really wanted to ride on the pirate one, but I guess not riding on the pirate one was better so that I could take photos of it. (This one is before they all took off – in the sky all the hot air balloons were actually very far apart and came out really small in photos.)

My beautiful, soon-to-be-married friends, and me, being me.

Being in the hot air balloon was at first terrifying, but then turned out to be very relaxing and peaceful. It was so quiet and serene – being up in the air super early probably had something to do with that as well, but being able to float thousands of feet above the ground not really knowing where the wind will take you (literally, not as a figure of speech – apparently there is no steering in hot air balloon piloting) felt very freeing. There are life metaphors to be drawn here, but I’ll leave that up to you as the reader to figure out.

At the end of our flight, we flew over grapefruit trees and it reminded me of the Soarin’ over California ride at California Adventures!

After landing, we were driven to a mini animal petting zoo and I got to pet a CAMEL. I really never thought I would see a camel in real life.

And of course, what would a millenial girls’ trip be without instagrammable floors and cafes?​

And as a bonus, a video!