Photo Week #13
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Photo Week #13

Happy April!

A new month means a new calendar page and a new toothbrush! I finally decided to go for the Quip, the new startup-y toothbrush that looks really pretty. At first I thought brushing my teeth for two minutes would seem really long (because I definitely did not brush for two minutes prior to using this electric toothbrush…) but it’s actually not that bad. I hate that owning a Quip toothbrush makes me fit the stereotypical millenial tech persona even more, but oh well. Dental hygiene is important, right?

Spring time is just prettier than winter time. But it also means allergies.

I think I’ve eaten ice cream or some sort of dessert almost every night in the last week… so much for Hawaii diet!

I finally got to watch Rogue One this past weekend! I have to say that I didn’t really like Jyn Erso that much – although I think that was because she didn’t get very good dialogue written for her and half the time she’s just glaring at someone. She’s a good fighter and is still a “strong female character” but I just think she really didn’t do that much. I also watched the last episode of Bones which I’m pretty sure no one else cares about except me – I didn’t even have to worry about running into spoilers because no one else I know was talking about it, haha. It was a decent ending, but also an ending where you kind of suspect they left some storylines unfinished in the case that it comes back five years later. I can’t believe I’ve been following this show for twelve seasons – truly the only show I’ve consistently kept up with while it’s still been running. I remember loving it so much when I first watched it – I think I watched the first and second season DVDs in just a week. I remember watching the 100th episode and being so upset at Booth and Bones’ relationship and desperately texting Justine after I watched it… and also being upset when they killed off some of the best characters.

It’s weird that it’s over, but I’m glad it did – I think the later seasons were definitely not good, haha. I know I just don’t have that great taste in TV or movies or music, but I really like the things that I do like, and I think I’m okay with that. I don’t have to like everything that other people like. That’s totally okay. And I am okay with that.