Photo Week #13
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Photo Week #13

Good morning! Happy Monday. Does it feel like a Monday? It probably does, for everyone who has to WFH. Making myself write this post also makes today feel like a Monday.

I accomplished my goals last week of painting my nails and baking Thin Mints.

I followed this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction (the same site I used for my croissants recipe), but the night before I decided to bake I went down a rabbit hole of different recipes and learned about the effects of egg vs no egg vs only egg whites in recipes, and what using powdered sugar vs granulated sugar can do, and how the moisture levels determine the resulting texture. So I was not super surprised that my cookies turned out the way they did – more spread out and chewy in the middle – because I used hot cocoa mix instead of dutch process cocoa powder, which already has some oil/fat content in it, so there was just more moisture in the dough. I even had to add some extra flour to make the dough come together. Coating cookies in chocolate is also harder than I expected, which is why there are cookies that are not quite covered. However, the larger size and chewiness in the middle are positives, not negatives, in my opinion!

I also made milk bread in an attempt to use up the carton of milk in my refrigerator. They were so cute and puffy! And quite soft and fluffy on the inside, even several days later (wrapped in foil at room temperature).

This week’s project will be coffee cake, another carb I can eat for breakfast. I also will try and blog later this week, about some of the recipes I’ve been using for dinner – so that I can share them with you all, and also just to keep track of them myself! Just trying to keep myself busy and generate content.