Photo Week #13
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Photo Week #13

It’s April! My April Fool’s joke on all of you was not posting yesterday. Haha. Not really, I just forgot that it was Monday until it was already past midnight and then didn’t feel like writing anything until now.

Last week was my Spring Break and I feel like I was a lot less productive than I should have been… sometimes it feels like I am running out of time (in the semester, in the course of wedding planning, in figuring out what to do after graduation) but it seems like I am moving with a lack of urgency. It’s hard for me to make decisions even when I have the appropriate amount of information at my disposal because I am scared about making the wrong decision.

Although I felt unproductive during Spring Break, I had many good days during my week off, including a quick trip to Napa to eat tacos that Rachel loves. They were really good tacos.

Unfortunately I think I was either really dehydrated or carsick or something and had to make my friends pull over off the freeway so I could gag for a bit. I wonder if it was from the soda and the oily food. A sign of getting old, when you can no longer drink a lot of sugary soda and eat greasy food without feeling nauseated.

In other news, my ranunculus garden continues to grow!