Photo Week #11
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Photo Week #11

This week I ate a lot of sweets. I normally don’t have a huge sweet tooth – more just a general affinity to snacking, which is why trying to only eat one sweet on the weekend is a good exercise in self control for me during the weekdays.

And anyways, these rules are my own rules so I can break them.

I tried the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake for the first time this week, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Would not recommend if you’re not a fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I didn’t drink this huge cup (which would have been like over 500 calories!) but shared it four ways with my coworkers.. Thankfully. It looks so pretty though, with the green and white swirls!

I also went to get brick toast on the weekend after church – I think I’m not the hugest fan of brick toast unless shared by more than two people and it’s not super sweet. The macaron one we got had fruitier ice cream flavors so it wasn’t as sweet, versus some of the chocolate ones we saw.

I also finally tried caramels I got for Valentine’s Day, that I kept in my room after a few weeks so my brother wouldn’t eat them. But I graciously offered them up now because… I don’t think I can eat all of them anyways. Selfishness never pays off.