Photo Week #1
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Photo Week #1

Wow wow wow... hello 2024!!

The very first photo week of 2024, featuring this brand new TWO year old!! We had a few (a lot) of tears heading into her big girl classroom this morning, but after surviving through five weeks of stormy tears when she first started daycare, I feel less bad about leaving her when crying. A little less bad.

2024 has already started off with a whirlwind of sickness, jetlag, etc etc... my brain still feels like it's running at 50%, and it's almost time for morning meetings so I definitely do not have time to write an update on Taiwan (and finish off year 8 of Photo Weeks with some really beautiful Taiwan photos!) but hopefully I will get to it before January ends.

May we all run towards 2024 like Junie, friends. And wash your hands!