October Visits
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October Visits

Without me noticing, October has sped by with its share of visits and visitors, and only one more week of this lovely month before November rolls around and the holiday season begins! I refuse to let myself think and daydream about holiday season until Halloween is over. I have lots of ideas for gifts and surprises come Christmas… Never too early to start planning!

These last two weekends have been more hustle and bustle than all the previous ones combined. I went up to Boston to visit Cece and had a great time drinking in the beautiful fall colors – not to mention the beautiful Harvard campus! This past weekend Stacy, Debbie, and Hedy came to visit New York and James made the trip down to the Bronx to join us. I don’t think I was ever hungry this past weekend and my stomach was well satisfied. These last few days I’ve stayed with Stacy at her hotel, and yesterday I saw Alex for dinner and dessert. Although we waited almost an hour for our ramen, it was worth it! Delicious.

My wallet’s a little (lot) lighter, and my stomach’s a little (lot) heavier – and my heart has become fuller as well. Being alone here in the city has made me treasure the friends and relationships I’ve already established and has made me grateful for being able to have had a great community and college experience. It’s weird thinking that in another year things may be changing again – or even another six months! Whereas in college we pretty much knew that for the next four years we were going to be living one life, post grad life is undeniably scary in its uncertainty.

Yes, ten months after graduation and I still feel like I am timidly and fearfully navigating the deep seas of post grad. (In other news, I had to reapply for my CS minor AGAIN. Apparently it didn’t go through. It better go through this time… Oh Mr. Christopher Hunn of the computer science division, please make it go through this time!)

At the very least, I know I am not alone and that makes things a lot less scary. Two more visits in the next two weekends before November comes – and the holiday season begins!