Mornings and Knights
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Mornings and Knights

A few days ago I started reading Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott and for some odd reason I can’t put it down. I’m not that far into the story yet (about a quarter through) but something about it just makes me want to keep reading. I bought the book a long time ago, in a phase where I just wanted to read old books (actually, still a thing – I think I like old books better) but couldn’t get through the first half chapter and put it down.

I’m glad I revisited it though. I’m thinking it may become one of my top books, subject to re-reading, but there are still about another 300 pages to go before I make that final decision.

I think also I was just hungry to read, after finishing Lord of the Rings. I forget how much I love books until I start reading again, and then I just want to hide away for a few days. One of my biggest pet peeves is people trying to talk to me while I am reading. Although, I guess I should be more considerate and aware if people are actually trying to get information and hold a conversation with me, but if they are just making small talk then why can we not just both quietly sit in silence with our own thoughts (and books)?!?

Anyways. I’ve added a page on this blog where I (and you!) can keep track of what books I am reading along with what books I’ve added to my “will always re-read” list. The list skews more towards fiction since that’s what I’m into.. but.. I’m always down to try expanding my horizons so feel free to recommend! I also realized why typing up the page that I seem to be reading a lot of books by authors who like to refer to themselves as initials plus last name. Does that you seem more legit? Does A. Hsu seem more legit than squeakyhsu?

Edit: Yes, although it sounds really high and lofty that I am reading Ivanhoe right now, I was called out this morning by my friend who saw that I had marked as “want to read” on GoodReads all seven of Edward Eager’s books about magic for children. I like reading kid books too, okay?! And I remembered that I had first read about Ivanhoe and the knights in his books. So there.