March Favorites
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March Favorites

Hello from New York! Where I am currently sitting in Stacy‘s studio listening to Through the Rain by Mariah Carey. It’s so nice to see Stacy again, although I have to admit it’s a little weird being back in New York. On my long journey from the airport to her apartment, I had a lot of time to think about the last times I was here and when I was living in Manhattan, and I concluded that it feels weird to be back.

I didn’t bring my planner with me so I don’t know what the inspirational quote of April is, but I do remember that I actually had favorites for the month of March! It was a good, busy month. Daylight savings time also helped, because when it’s brighter out for longer I generally feel happier. So – this month was happier than the last two.

  • Subbing dance classes
    It was competition season this past month, and I had the opportunity to substitute teach a few classes (a lot of classes) for my home dance studio. I think I do like teaching dance, although I definitely struggle more with the younger classes who end up just staring at me with blank faces. I even got to teach a contemporary class! That was fun, although I stressed out about my choreography for the entire day before teaching.
  • Not having to go to San Francisco in the rain
    Another plus side to being unemployed, I guess, is not having to go to work when it’s raining. I hate being on BART when it’s rainy and people’s umbrellas are dripping everywhere. It rained pretty hard for a few weeks in March, and I was thankful to spend those days inside my house.
  • Terrace House
    Ok, I know I’m pretty late to this show – but my roommates and I are now hooked on it, after Jessica decided to play it while she ate dinner one night and Jeremy and I decided to just watch as well. I love the commentators – they are my favorite part of the show. The non-drama drama that happens naturally among the people living in the house is also refreshing to watch after my brief period of watching The Bachelor.
  • Tom Yum
    I didn’t realize how much I liked tom yum until I went to Thailand and ordered it for almost every meal. And after almost every first sip of tom yum I would say, I love tom yum. In general, the food in Thailand just had more flavor and complexity than the version I would get back in California, but especially the tom yum. Darn, now I want some…
  • High school friends
    At this point, we have all been a “group” for the last ten years. TEN years! That’s a long time. I know I’ve mentioned so many times on this blog before how being with them makes me happy to know that there are people out there who have seen me through ups and downs and still stick with me, but it’s also nice to know that even when we’re not all together and are connected digitally, they can still make me laugh. I found this conversation super endearing and cute. You probably will not (I don’t think Jeremiah did when I told him about it), but that’s okay.