Hello 2015!
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Hello 2015!

No, I didn’t make the title a typo – it’s just that this whirlwind of a year is coming to a close and somehow I still feel like I am on the other side of it. I think that a lot has happened this year, and maybe if I was better at blogging and journalling then I would have more content to fill in this “year-in-review” post. (Actually this probably won’t be a year-in-review post. I just felt it was necessary to blog since it’s been more than a month and a post a month seems to be my standard time table. That and I don’t want to feel like I bought my personal domain for nothing.)

If I could describe this year in motion I would say – slow to start, quick to end. This reminds me of the Science of Pixar exhibit I went to in Boston, where they had a section showing how different sine curves could illustrate different ways that Mike Wazowski could wave his hand. What looks most like a natural hand wave? Slow up, fast down? Same speed back and forth? I think the winning combination was “fast up, slow down”.

I’m not sure what will happen next year, but to be honest I’m not too excited or concerned or apprehensive about it. I guess it’s good that I’m not worried about what will happen, but is it bad that I’m not excited about the future? I think this year of working full time (I can’t say that this was my first full year working full time because technically I didn’t get my full-time offer until February. But it was close.) and slowly falling into a routine of “real-world 20-something young-adult working-life” makes it feel like the years to follow will look pretty much the same.

I guess there are things to look forward to in 2016. Big things, big events, that will momentarily disrupt the routine. Trips, weddings, milestones, goals to accomplish. But I sort of feel like in another 365 days, I’ll be sitting here typing a similar with very similar feelings about how the end of the year doesn’t really feel like that big of a deal.