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Today was my first free Saturday in a very, very long time. Working retail forced me to work weekends; since I couldn’t work on Sundays I always had a shift – sometimes a long one – on Saturday, which prevented me from making any Saturday plans. So I approached today with excitement, ready to remember what it was like to have a free Saturday.

It was really boring. I didn’t do anything productive today. I laid in bed until around 9:30am, went downstairs to cook myself a random sub-par breakfast (in other news, I’ve been catching up with MasterChef Junior and am constantly shamed by these talented kids.) and proceeded to mope around the house reading, watching TV, reading some more, eating, and waiting until 7:30 when I went out of the house for the first time to try and see Hunger Games – but fail because it was sold out. Sigh.

This is a definite case of first world problems. Anyways, it is now 10:00pm and I am home and about to go to sleep.

I guess it’s nice being free to do whatever I want on a weekend, but I feel like I should pick more productive things next time.