Cooking Adventures
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Cooking Adventures

I am not known to be a good cook. In fact, I’m known most of the time as the girl who can’t cook.. the girl who can even burn water. Yes, it’s happened before. I got too distracted while waiting for the water to boil and before I knew it, bye bye water…

So part of my goals for this year (and the last year.. and the year before that too) is to learn to cook simple meals that are healthy, taste good, and are more complicated than just pasta and sauce. Although, I do have a can of sauce and pasta in my cupboard right now, just in case… I miss my not-ramen noodles, and dumplings. I wonder how they would fare coming over to New York on an airplane.

Well, maybe it’s good that there’s no Chinese grocery market handy so that I have to branch out and be more adventurous. Being more adventurous is scary for me, even in cooking. Maybe especially in cooking. Last night, I took one little baby step in being more adventurous with my cooking! I cut up half an onion, mushrooms, a green pepper and created a sautéd vegetable mixture that I was quite proud of.

ColorsRaw and ready to goThe prep Finished Dish

One thing I was amazed by, though, was how long it took – it took me about an hour to make rice, cut vegetables, cook vegetables, defrost meat and etc – and I ate it in about 20 minutes. Cleanup was only about 20 too so that wasn’t too bad. And I guess if I’m making enough for two or three dinners, it’s worth the effort on one night to save time on others!