Baking Blondies
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Baking Blondies

Last Friday, I had no plans except to stay in and be cozy. The weather has been getting colder each day and all I want to do is stay inside in the warmth and drink hot chocolate. I have resisted buying hot chocolate packets but I have the feeling I will soon succumb – the weather has not only been cold but has been rainy lately and I don’t like the rain. At least, I don’t like walking around in the rain.

To supplement the “staying in and being cozy” part of my night, I decided to check something off my Fall bucket list – and bake! A friend of mine recommended the site Tastespotting to me and I added it to my Flipboard. (Flipboard, if you don’t have it already, is an amazing app. I follow all sorts of blogs and now that I don’t use my tumblr anymore I use it to follow some tumblrs that I didn’t want to give up reading… yeah. It’s pretty awesome.) I have a collection of recipes that I want to try (in Flipboard terms, a “magazine”) and this blondies recipe was one of them. Sadly, I could not find any toffee bits at the grocery store but I did pick up some butterscotch chips and tossed those in instead.

This recipe was incredibly easy to whip up and the result delicious! With only two people in the apartment I feel like I’ve eaten more than my share of blondies already but I definitely want to try making these again using actual toffee chips! I read online that you can just chop up candy bars that have toffee in them so I’ll probably try doing that.

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