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Welcome, 2014! Goodbye 2013 – a year filled with many, many changes, growing experiences, and laughter and friends to make the transition from college to young adult life a little bit easier and more bearable. I rang in the new year last night watching The Karate Kid (Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan version, what is that, the third?) and falling asleep until two minutes before countdown when my dad woke me up. And then I went to sleep at approximately 12:20am.

I’ve always been a tiny bit superstitious about the new year, and endings and beginnings in particular – ending journals on the right day, wearing the right clothes, making sure no inauspicious happenings occur on the brink of a new adventure. It makes me a little uptight and fearful and something that I dearly wish I did not do. I tried my best to not let this superstitious habit of mine ruin my new year – and I think this is a mindset that I want to carry on into 2014. It really is just another revolution of the world as it travels around the sun. Yes, it has reached the same spot that it had been in 365.25 days ago, but really, on December 30 it had also reached the same spot it had been in 365.25 days ago as well. So! Each new day could be the new year.

My last dinner of 2013 was spent with my beloved “princess room” girls for under $10 at Sweet Tomatoes where we spent the night watching a little kid barf and watching Stacy go back for three plates of salad, and reminiscing on “major milestones” of 2013 – and some not so major, but still dear, moments as well. It was a good way to wrap up 2013, superstitious or not. I caved and also did the Statigram of best Instagram moments of 2013 and according to Instagram, my best moments of 2013 were sunshine after rain in New York, going to watch SF Ballet’s Cinderella with Jeremiah, getting a library card from the NYPL, wearing matching Thrive baseball tees with my mom, and graduating. That’s a decent summary of my year – moving to New York was a big decision and so was entering in this relationship with Jeremiah. I love books. I love Thrive, and I love my mom.  I will always be a Cal golden bear at heart.

But of course, Instagram doesn’t know everything, and I know there are many more memories buried in the pages of 2013. It seems like the “chapters of my life” are getting shorter and shorter with each passing year – time passes too quickly and things change with greater speed. I do not know what I anticipate happening in 2014, and it is still with a little bit of fear and caution that I step forward into this brand new day in this brand new year. But whether or not I do something about it, time will continue to pass and soon enough, spring and summer and fall and winter will all come again. So here’s to “doing something about it” and moving forward, no matter what shape that takes!